Matched Single-slab Oak Coffee and End Tables

This matched coffee and end table set originated with a set of inspiration images of similar styles that our client really liked the look of. As is often the case, though, the “off-the-rack” tables they found were all lacking. Either sizing, or materials, or finishes, or build quality wasn’t up to snuff no matter where they looked. Here, exactly, is the benefit of working with Cannon Hill: we design and build our own totally custom furniture, order by order, right here in Boston to your specifications.

Asymmetrical Walnut Dining Nook Table

It’s always exciting to work on projects with a funkier look, and tweaking designs to achieve the maximum in functionality is what we do best. On this show-stopping table for a dining nook in Westwood, MA, the interior designers approached us with some inspiration images and an initial size and shape design for the table top. The homeowners have a young and growing family, so their windowside bench seating was a feature of the home they really loved. In order to maximize the seating options and the functionality of the table, we landed on the angular, asymmetrical design you see here.

Expanding White Oak Round Table

Circular tables that extend from the center, like this one, are an excellent compromise between daily utility and occasional capability. Our clients here were a young family who wanted to make the most of the space that they have on a daily basis, but to maintain the ability to entertain for holidays. After all a new family needs somewhere to establish traditions of their own. We were thrilled to provide this solution, which allows the table to expand from the center out until it reaches a full length of eight feet.

Extending 48" Round Oak Table

This table, a 48” diameter round that can extend as much as 48” to a full eight-feet long, took a lot of work from our lead designer and engineer, Sam. With a growing family in Boston’s South End, our homeowners wanted a “forever” table that they’d never need to replace, but they also needed it to serve a few functions at once. With space at a premium, the clients wanted this table had to be functional - that is to say, not too big - on a day-to-day basis, but they also wanted to be able to host family for holidays.

Ocean Views for this Round Oak Kitchen Table in Osterville

Sturdy and sleek, 60" Diameter, white oak table with a white-wash and lacquer spray finish. The white-wash is a product called "natural" from Rubio Monocoat. It can be topcoat finish, but this client wanted a spray finish for extra stain protection. The base is great for seating and we bulked it up a little from a previous design to ensure that it would be really solid and have no ability to flex (there is a lot of torque available on a round top like this and a pedestal base with such a thin profile at it's connection points).

Reclaimed Oak Oval with Curved Bases in Somerville

Reclaimed oak oval with all the character you love to see in a reclaimed oak top. Cut to a custom oval shape. Bases are custom curved bases made from curved strips of wood. The bases are actually dozens of strips curved around a form, as opposed to single pieces of wood cut in a curve. It's a way cooler look and more structurally sound. 

60" Walnut Round with Handmade Pedestal Base in West Roxbury

This 60" diameter walnut round was based on the old library tables at Roxbury Latin, the alma mater of one of the clients and the owner of Cannon Hill Woodworking. The two graduated years apart and only made the connection at the initial discussion the project. The school is just a few blocks from where the table now lives in West Roxbury. Those tables had a very heavy and severe way to them, as they were made of oak and stained dark.

60" Round Walnut table with Cool Pedestal Base in Maine

The client for this table is a designer who has a vacation home in Maine. She designed the base of the table herself. She sent us a really nice hand drawing and basically said "I trust you to make this base beautiful and proportional to the table" and we went to work. What we didn't know was how cool her dining nook would be! Anyways, these bases are hand made like everything at Cannon Hill Woodworking, and assembled with real wood joinery.