Milled Hardwoods

Sophisticated Walnut Oval on Beacon Hill

Our clients on this project were updating their gorgeous Beacon Hill home, and came to us looking for a dining table that could match the elegance of the interior. They had done a brilliant job of maintaining the sophistication typical of the neighborhood while also creating a fresh, livable space for themselves. Happily, that’s exactly the mix that we strive for in all our work.

Dark Stained Oak Pedestal Table

Because we make all our furniture to order after a thorough design process, here at Cannon Hill we can tailor every aspect of our work to the relevant specifics of each project. Our clients on this one were after a deep, dark color that would come to a full, consistent appearance but also preserve the grain and texture of the material. After all, when you’re going to the effort and expense of building — and buying — solid wood furniture you want to be able to tell what it is.

Super-custom Walnut Nook Table

At first glance, this table might look merely funky, or even slightly off; when we look at it we see the thing that makes us different from other furnituremakers. Our clients on this project came to us because the conditions of their space meant that there were simply no tables on the market that would accomplish what they needed. It would have to be a truly custom piece — exactly our specialty.

Circle-to-Racetrack White Oak Table with Black Oil

Sometimes the most difficult part of a project has nothing to do with what happens on the shop floor where we do our builds. Landing on a design that fulfills all the needs of a client’s home requires careful attention to the space and a thorough understanding of how they use it. Whether our clients have very particular aesthetics or prefer to allow decisions like materials and finishes to occur as a consequence of other factors, the functional design of a piece is the essential core of everything we make.

Enormous Triple-Bookmatch Walnut Oval

Anyone who sees this sort of table will first and foremost notice its scale. At eleven feet long and six and a half wide, a piece of this size is a per se showstopper. Even if the grain and figure in these particular boards were unremarkable, which they are not, it would be impossible to enter the home and not marvel at the sheer presence of furniture this grand.

Contemporary Table in Milled Walnut

Clients and potential clients sometimes ask us if it would be helpful to have a set of inspiration images, examples of furniture they’ve seen before and really like. Our answer is a resounding yes. Whether you use inspiration images just as a way to set a design tone or as a library of details you definitely want to see in your final piece, they’re always useful to our process of designing custom furniture.

Modern Angular Dining Table in White Oak

One of our strengths here at Cannon Hill is our ability to work in a wide range of styles. We build trestle tables that have their roots in centuries-old traditions of furniture making and design, modern-rustic live edge tables, and we ultra-modern designs with steel bases. Because we’re conversant in all these different design mindsets, we can take elements from each and integrate them into new pieces that fit needs and tastes of each individual client.

Custom Walnut Bookshelf with Metal Frame

One of the advantages of working with us here at Cannon Hill is that when we say custom, we mean custom. Each project we do is a true one-off, designed, built, and delivered according to the specific requirements of each client and each home. That means you won’t need to compromise on size or aesthetics, because our holistic furniture design process takes every stage from drawing to delivery into account.

Custom Split Dining Table In Walnut

One of the real joys of making custom furniture by hand is that we get to work in a huge range of design styes. Unlike other shops, we don’t work from a catalogue or a menu, so we get the chance to build all sorts of pieces. It all depends on our clients’ taste and the aesthetics of their space. In the design phase, we serve a client’s vision; we will never allow lesser furniture out our door, so we don’t permit nonfunctional design — beyond, that, though, we follow your lead.