Metal Bases

Live Edge Walnut Table With Punch-through Base

Sometimes, a client will come in with a very specific design idea in mind, and it’s up to us to turn that idea into a custom piece of furniture that can anchor a room in their home for decades, or generations. This live edge walnut dining table is the product of exactly that process. Our client wanted to see a square steel beam pass through a chunky walnut plate to create an “X” base of a type very different than what we often build.

Incredibly-grained Live Edge Walnut Dining Table

A lot of wood comes through our shop, in a lot of different forms. We see reclaimed lumber of several different species, freshly milled boards in oak, cherry, maple, walnut, ash, and hickory, and live edge slabs in elm, chestnut, maple, oak, and various varieties of walnut. We see highly-figured pieces and flatter, simpler ones. It’s a testament to the visual appeal of wood that even with all that exposure we can all still get excited by the material we work with all day every day. It’s why we’re so confident that our clients won’t tire of the tables we make for them.

Custom Walnut Bookshelf with Metal Frame

One of the advantages of working with us here at Cannon Hill is that when we say custom, we mean custom. Each project we do is a true one-off, designed, built, and delivered according to the specific requirements of each client and each home. That means you won’t need to compromise on size or aesthetics, because our holistic furniture design process takes every stage from drawing to delivery into account.

Custom-designed Milled Walnut Table with Black Inlay

When we say that we’re a custom furniture maker we really mean custom, and it’s fun to get to show it off. Our clients came to us with a strong visual concept, and we worked with them to develop and hone it until that concept turned into a piece of furniture. We intend for our clients to be able to look at our work every day for the rest of their lives and see in their home exactly what they saw in their mind’s eye, so we take care to nail the design on the front end.

Live Edge Claro Dining Table with Metal Base

It’s a real treat when our furniture lands in a home that has recently undergone a redesign, and can serve as a feature of a well-considered aesthetic. For this project we worked with an interior designer who had created a modern, elegant decor in a newly renovated Franklin home with a classic interplay of dark and light. Claro was the natural choice of material in a project like this, and we think everything came together beautifully. A large dining table like this one can serve as a real anchor to the design of a space, and we’re proud when our tables do just that.

Modern Oak Dining Table with Cast-iron Wishbone Legs

We love this custom live edge table here at Cannon Hill because it demonstrates a handful of features that we really love, and a few of the ways that our processes produce furniture that nails what our clients are looking for. It’s also great because it serves as a sort of instantiation of the flexibility and freedom that we value so much. The finish tint is custom, the bases have a custom finish, and the table top is the product of some Cannon Hill problem solving.

Live Edge English Elm Conference Table in Boston

When we’re building custom furniture for an office, like this conference table for a software company here in Boston, a whole host of considerations enter the conversation that aren’t present in our residential work. Of course, certain things, like build quality, will never change, when we’re making a dining table we seldom need to consider the sightlines to a projector screen, for example, or how to ensure that no one’s laptop runs out of battery.

Elm Corner Desk with Drawer Set

When we’re making a desk, the design process needs to consider some different factors that aren’t present in tables. What will the use be? Is it a desk for meeting across, or for solo work? Will our client be working at a computer most of the time? Using multiple monitors? What are the storage requirements? If it’s going in a corner, like this one, how is it best positioned to maximize usable space of both the room and the desk? Answering all these questions is the backbone of the design process.

Deeply-figured Claro Walnut Dining Table

One of the features of a single-slab table that we and our clients love the most is the presence of figure, and this Claro Walnut table is probably one of the most intensely-figured we’ve ever built. “Figure” refers to those patterns you’ll see throughout this tabletop of light and dark resembling the appearance of, say, a mountain range on a physical map. There are many categories of figure, which bleed into and overlap each other, but they are all essentially a phenomenon in which the physical properties of the wood cause it to reflect light in interesting, unusual ways.