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Seating can be tricky as it related to table design. Check out our useful seating guide to determine how big your table should be, and please contact us directly to learn how the base of your table will affect seating as well.




At Cannon Hill, we source all of our wood from sawyers and lumber distributors in the Berkshires, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Our tables are primarily made of, though certainly not limited to, walnut, reclaimed oak, new growth white and red oak, mahogany, elm, cherry, maple, and live edge slabs of many different species. Each type of wood has its own unique characteristics, and we can guide you through the decision process. You can always come see them for yourself at our Seaport Showroom. 

Click the photos below to see more pictures and a detailed description of each of our most common wood types:

Reclaimed oakWalnutMahoganyOakMapleCherryLive Edge



Furniture Oil: Rubio Monocoat

We finish many of our tables with a plant-based oil sealer due to its durability and classic matte aesthetic. It is chemical free, food safe, and easy to refinish. We can highlight the natural color of the wood with a pure finish, or select from a variety of colors and tints from greys to browns to reds. Our tables are smooth to the touch and accent the natural grain patterns of the wood.

Oil brings out a brilliant, warm, and rich color in the wood. We buff the oil in, and then on top of that we buff a universal maintenance oil to ensure that the finish stays fresh for as long as possible. It should be noted that a re-application of the maintenance oil is recommended every three to five years. It is a simple, sweet-smelling, and enjoyable wipe on, wipe off process, and you don't even need to wear gloves. This isn't necessary, but it will restore the brilliance of the finish, especially in humidity controlled and dry homes.

Furniture oils create a moisture seal around your table, and are resistant to hot and cold beverages and spills. It's akin to a wax seal- imagine if you poured some of the oil onto the table top and left it there. The oil wouldn't soak in, it would harden there like candle wax.

It is however recommended to use placemats and coasters in general. The arch nemesis of furniture oils are highly acidic food stains that are left for hours without being cleaned. Food like mustard, vinegar, and hot sauce can leave a minor stain if a spill is not attended to in a timely manner. We find the one and a half to four hour mark as the time when stains set in. Not to worry though, oil finishes are really easy to buff sand and re-apply in place.

Nothing will look or feel more natural that an oil finish. Your fingertips can really feel the grain of the wood.


Oil based Urethane Finishes: Arm-R-Seal

Oil based Urethane finishes are our best compromise finish between the chemical free oil finishes and the spray finishes that we use. They are food safe, but not chemical free. They are a little more satin than the oil finish. This means they will have a higher sheen. This sheen will dull some in time, but it definitely presents a bit more "shiny" than the Rubio oil. Our oil based urethane finishes are nearly as stain resistant as spray finishes. They are easy to refinish, but should be done by someone who knows what they're doing (whereas a Rubio finish is so easy it can be done by you!). Similar to a Rubio oil finish, it can be refinished in your home. If you don't have an issue with chemicals, and you want the look of oil and the ease of refinishing/touching up that you do not have with a spray finish, then an oil based urethane finish may be a good option for you. It is also the middle ground as far as pricing goes.


Spray finishes: ML Campbell's Krystal lacquer, or Milesi's 2K Acrylic spray finishes

At Cannon Hill Woodworking, we do our own lacquer and 2k acrylic sprays on our custom furniture. Lacquer is a matte clear finish, that is very smooth to the touch and looks beautiful on residential dining table. In our opinion, it presents more natural and flat than the oil based urethane. It creates a strong barrier between your table and the world of stains. What you gain in stain-proofing makes lacquer the choice for many of our clients. We've found stain resistance of the most acidic foods for up to 10 hours of being left on the surface. If you are a commercial client, like a restaurant, or you have young children, or you just don't want to worry about your real wood furniture when hosting, a spray finish is the most set-it-and-forget-it finish we offer. Spray finishes can also be tinted a variety of colors. The main thing to keep off lacquer is scalding hot pans, as they can discolor the finish. The difference between a lacquer spray and an the 2k acrylic spray is the flexibility of the finished product itself. For environments with more temperature fluctuations, or commercial bar use, Milesi is the product we typically use. Both our spray finishes have a non-yellowing component.


Important consideration: Stains, Water Rings, and Scratches

We've done extensive stain testing with our finishes and some of the most acidic foods. On the spray finishes and the oil based urethane finishes, there is virtually no staining with foods like hot sauce, wine, and lemon juice beyond 24 hrs left on a surface. With the Rubio oil, the acidic foods tend to eat into the surface of the finish and dull the sheen at around the 12 hr mark. Most normal, non-acidic foods, will not stain these finished. 

With iced coffees for example, the spray finishes and oil based urethane finishes show no water rings after 8 hours (the extent of our testing), whereas after about 2.5 hours the Rubio oil shows a faint water mark that remains. Placemats and coasters are your friends. 

Never put a scalding hot cup, pot, or stove pan on any finish. Use a trivet.

Stains are one thing, a scratch is a different thing altogether. Wood tables don't scratch easily, but ultimately wood can be scratched. It happens. If a cat decides the table is a scratching post, or a toddler decides to make a drawing with a butter knife, or an inebriated houseguest cuts limes for margaritas right on your table top, or someone with a ring on their finger decides to run their hand across the top to feel how smooth it is... you get the idea. Oil and oil based urethane finishes can be refinished in your home, so if you see wear on the table top over the years you can rest easy knowing whenever you want to bring them back to new, it can be done easily. If a spray finish ever needs to be refinished, it will have to go out to a professional and will be expensive.  



For Oil: Our food safe oil comes in many colors and shades. The oils are pre-tinted, so it's a single application.

For Oil based Urethane: General Finishes has many pre-colors that can be wiped on prior to the Arm-R-Seal finish.

For Krystal and Milesi: ML Campbell has a wide variety of pre-colors specially formulated for their spray on finish products. They can even match Minwax stain colors.


Oil and Spray Combination finish:

If you want to get that beautiful pop from an oil finish, and the ultimate stain protection from a spray, we can do a combo finish for the cost of both finishes combined. We oil the table and then spray it after 48 hours.


Outdoor Tables:  Polarion-X

We finish out outdoor furniture with a 2K acrylic spray for outdoor use. It is highly stain resistant and a very strong moisture seal for the wood- far superior to any outdoor oil or deck sealer. It has a wipe on maintenance product as well. One thing to note is that sun exposure will take it's toll on the wood no matter what, so in tandem with a strong sealer, you would want to consider a cover.


We build custom trestle and pedestal bases of all kinds for our tables, as well as any kind of square, turned, cabriole or tapered leg you desire. Turned legs are often machine made from a large variety of designs that are available because they look really nice and are about one third the cost to have us turning them custom ourselves. 

If metal legs or a metal base is what you prefer, our metal work is all done custom to your exact specifications. All of our metal bases are powder coated, never spray painted, for longevity. Any color on the Prismatic Powders website is available for the metal bases.

Most typically, corner legs assemblies have a skirt or apron, whereas trestle, metal, and pedestal bases do not. 

Turnedsquare legsMetal legsCustom legsXI trestle legsCabriole legsPedestal base


You have the option to make your table longer by using table extenders. Our table extension systems are the best in the industry and they are both completely proprietary. We have patents pending on both. There are two distinct systems for rectangular tables: one for tables with skirts, and one for tables with metal or trestle bases (no skirt). We've come up with the designs and mechanisms ourselves so we won't be showing them to you here on our website. You can be sure they never sag the way they do when you have wooden rails that pull out from the skirt. They are easy to use, rock solid, and every client has loved using them.

We are the only company around doing a fully removable extension rail system on live edge tables and table with trestles. You don't ever want to put a skirt or apron on a live edge table to cover up a bulky rail system that is fixed to your table. 

Extending the table with boards on the end avoids that seam you are accustomed to seeing across the middle of a drop-leaf table. This way, you can size your table comfortably in your space for every day living, but still add up to three feet to its length (18 inches on either side) for hosting larger gatherings. When not in use, the extender boards can either be stored under the table or in a nearby closet, depending on the type of table and leg configuration.

We are also capable of adding leaves in the middle of round and oval tables. These tables pull apart at the center and the leaves are dropped into place.

Here is an example of extension boards on a table with no skirt and metal legs:

Table without extender boardsTable with extender boards

Here are examples of live edge slabs with removable extenders that are the extension of the slab itself.

beekman  wong


We want you to enjoy collaborating with us. We encourage you to share with us photographs of furniture that you like, photographs of the space you have, and measurements.  Once you’ve contacted us we will reach out to you and be happy to discuss your project over the phone or in person in our showroom. At the showroom you can feel the different wood types and see the different finishes. We’ll guide you through design, seating, and pricing, and give you an accurate timeline for the delivery of your table. During the build process, we’re here to answer any questions, and always happy to send you a photo of your piece in transition from lumber to functional furniture. The guys who make your furniture also deliver it to your home. For us, delivering your piece gives us a sense of gratification and completion, and allows us to get out of the shop and see the finished product in its intended home.

Click here to see our seating chart. The chart illustrates how many people could typically fit around tables of various shapes and lengths. In choosing the right size table for your space, remember it is ideal to maintain a clearance minimum of 28 inches to the wall or other fixed objects so chairs may be pulled out comfortably.

We look forward to working with you!